I currently am researching the following:

  • RPCNA world missions (Cyprus, Sudan, etc.)
  • Update October 15, 2011: I now attend a RPCNA church and will be able to get this information.
  • Protestant Reformed Church and other Dutch Reformed Churches: are they exclusive psalmody or do they sing “mostly” Psalms
  • Update October 15, 2011: many of you have been very helpful in clarifying the practice.  I think one useful thing will be to indicate the psalter that is used by each congregation.  A link could be provided so that one can discover the contents of each psalter. 
  • Are there any EP works in South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean?
  • Update October 15, 2011: we added some Brazilian churches earlier this year.  There are still some potential mission works in Guatemala that I still need to research.
  • Added October 15, 2011: I wish to include Chinese churches, but I understand that this is still highly sensitive, politically.  I need information about how much information to put up here.  Perhaps the answer will be “no information at all”.  You may contact me privately on this matter.  For all non-sensitive listings (i.e., “free countries”), please post a comment on the blog.

71 thoughts on “Info needed

  1. proregno says:

    I am a pastor in the GKSA denomination in South Africa. GKSA = “Die Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika”. English: The Reformed Churches in South Africa. Nickname: Dopper Churches.
    Currently our denomination sings the 150 Psalms, Scriptural Songs (Maria, Simeon, etc.) and 1-3 hymns. Unfortunately our denomination is slipping into accepting Hymns as such, maybe even with next Synod (Jan.2012). There are still many that only want to sing a) Scripture (Psalms and Scripture Songs) and some who holds to ‘exclusive Psalmody’, meaning that when they lead the service, they only give Psalms to sing. I do not know of any congregation that officially decided on EP, but there are a few that in practise hold to EP, myself included. I am pastor of a reformed church here in Carletonville, SA. Here is my blog: proregno.wordpress.com. See here some of my articles on the Dopper Churches: http://sb.rfpa.org/index2.cfm?mode=narrow&volume=80&issue=51&article=93&book=0&search=slabbert%20le%20cornu&page=1&chapter=0&text_search=0

    Slabbert Le Cornu

  2. Tim Lindsay says:

    Hello Mr. Le Cornu,

    I am delighted to have this information. You might be surprised to learn that I live in South Africa! I am Canadian, but am living in Cape Town for the time being. I will be sure to include your congregation on my map and am happy to include the first South African church. People have told me that there are psalm-singing congregations in South Africa, but I have never been able to confirm anything in the three years I have been here.

    Thanks also for the information on the PRCA. I have been told that the practice in that denomination is to occasionally include songs outside the 150 Psalms, so I am still thinking about how I will include this denomination, since my website is devoted to exclusive psalmody.

    1. Please tell me if your congregation is English of Afrikaans.
    2. Please tell me if any other congregations in your denomination are EP.
    3. I have linked your blog to give viewers a way to contact you/your church. Okay?

    Blessings to you, brother!

  3. proregno says:

    Dear Tim, I saw your name on the Puritan Board blog, and that is how I was directed to your blog here. Why are you in Cape Town, and where to you fellowship. Is there a EP church in Cape Town !? 😉

  4. Tim Lindsay says:

    I worship at Kraaifontein Baptist Church (Reformed Baptist), but I am Presbyterian myself. I am unaware of any EP churches in Cape Town. I study at University of Cape Town.

  5. proregno says:

    Tim, here is the answers to your question:

    1. Afrikaans

    2. depends on what is the criteria for being an EP church ? If it is determined by the church’s official decision, then we are not, because when other preachers lead the service here, they can give Scriptural songs to sing. If it is determined by die local pastor’s view, then yes, then our congregation is EP, because I am EP. Many pastors mostly are Psalms only, with a Scriptural song here and there, but I know about 2 or 3 that are in practise EP. I will send your blog address to them and they can decide if they want to be listed or not.

    3. OK

  6. Bouwe van der Eems says:

    Hello Tim. Slabbert has referred me to your blog.

    I am a member of a congregation of the GKSA in Bellville. In our congregation we mostly sing psalms, but also scriptural songs. Bellville is closer to Cape Town than Kraaifontein, but the services are in Afrikaans.

    Last year I attended a lecture on the regulative principle at the Reformed Baptist church in Kraaifontein by a pastor from Zambia. Although he accepted the regulative principle, he argues that hymns can be allowed in worship. You could perhaps continue this discussion in Kraaifontein. A friend of mine, Leendert van Oostrum, from Pretoria, also attended the lecture and invited the pastor to an EP congregation in the GKSA in Pretoria. Maybe the pastor from Zambia will accept this invitation.

  7. Tim Lindsay says:


    Thanks for the further information. If another (guest) preacher leads the service at your congregation, couldn’t you ask him to only include Psalms, out of respect to the position you are trying to maintain for your flock?


    Thanks very much for your comments. We do indeed maintain a connection with the Zambian Reformed Baptist Churches. But let me address this wording from your comment:

    “Although he accepted the regulative principle, he argues that hymns can be allowed in worship.”

    Can you see how the use of the word “allowed” is against the regulative principle of worship (RPW)? The RPW is concerned with what is commanded rather than what is allowed. The man who said this should believe that hymns are commanded if he includes them in worship.

    Perhaps you were not being strict with your language, but I thought it was important to make a clarification.

    It’s good to have further information on the GKSA. Many of those in my congregation are fluent Afrikaans speakers, but I don’t really feel up to date with all that is happening in the GKSA, because I don’t speak the language, there is somewhat of a cultural barrier as well.

  8. proregno says:


    1. Unfortunately my family is the only family in our congregation that are EP. When the congregation called me I made it clear that I am EP, and the session accepted it with the allowance that the preacher that leads the service, can decide which songs will be sung, as long as it is within the borders of our Dordt Church Order, art.69 (Psalms and Scriptural Songs). Thus, if I ask a guest preacher for EP, it would be more a personal than a congregational plea. In the meanwhile I use the freedom to try and teach the RPW and EP for my congregation, but in some sense the members will not follow, if the denomination does not take that lead (which they will not, because as mentioned previously, the denomination is heading for Hymns, not EP)

    2. Very good point you mention on the RPW = commanded, not allowed. I also heard that messages, it is from pastor Conrad Mbewe, and he gave that messages also at the Grace Conferences the past two weeks here in Mageliesburg near JHB, and in Cape Town. See here:

    3. What do you study in Cape Town, and to which church do you belong in Canada ?

  9. De Lange says:

    About Dutch EP Churches (I believe there to be about 500):
    Here is the website of the Hersteld Hervormde Kerk:

    Of the Oud Gereformeerde Gemeenten in Nederland:
    Alphen aan de Rijn
    Capelle aan den IJssel
    Krimpen aan den IJssel
    Loenen aan de Vecht
    Sint Maartensdijk
    Sint Philipsland

    Just some more:
    One Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland in Pretoria.
    One Gereformeerde Gemeente in Randburg.

    One Gereformeerde Gemeente in New Zealand:

    More later (DV)

  10. Tim Lindsay says:

    @ proregno

    Thanks for the further clarification on your congregational situation. I commend you for your stand for Biblical worship. I’ll do my best to include your congregation in such a way that doesn’t misrepresent the situation, but also encourages and promotes what you are trying to do there.

    Since you asked, I am completing my PhD in sport and exercise science at the University of Cape Town. I finish this year, Lord willing. My home church is Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church in Halifax, Canada. We are an EP congregation.

    @ De Lange

    Thanks for giving me lots of work! It’s great to have this information. I have been using Babel Fish translation of foreign-language websites, so I should be able to sift through what you have provided. But this will take some time to be sure. Great to include the congregations in the Netherlands.

  11. Lucas Freire says:

    Hi Tim,

    Congratulations for the website! I was thinking about this issue and decided to make a list. I don’t know if you have these already:

    1. Church-federations
    (a) In the Netherlands:
    -Gereformeerde Gemeenten (GG)
    -Gereformeerde Gemeenten in Nederland (GGiN)

    (b) British Isles and Ireland:
    -Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland
    -Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland

    (c) North America:
    -Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America (General Assemby)
    -American Presbyterian Church

    2. Local EP churches in non-officially EP church-federations:
    (a) Netherlands:
    -Duitse Hervormde Kerk Arnemuiden (village of Arnemuiden; federation: DHK which in turn is part of PKK)

    (b) US:
    -Antigo Reformation Presbyterian Church (federation: Reformation Presbyterian Church)

    (c) Brazil:
    -Igreja Presbiteriana da Heranca Reformada (City of Salvador; federation: Igreja Presbiteriana do Brasil – IPB)

    3. Independent EP churches
    (a) Britain (Please check the signatories of Affirmation 2010 as many of them will support EP)
    -Bryn Seion Reformed Congregational Church
    -Bolton Reformed Anglican Church
    -Glyndwr Street Baptist Church (Dolgellau, Wales?)
    -Templepatrick Baptist Church (Antrim)

    These are all EP churches to the best of my knowledge. Remember that in continental circles the organ is generally in use and moreover there’s a distinction between public worship on the Lord’s Day and the remaining church meetings (in which it would be acceptable to sing non-Psams even in an EP church).


  12. Lucas Freire says:

    More churches:
    – A small Rio-based Brazilian church-federation called “Igreja Puritana Reformada no Brasil” and nicknamed “Igreja Kalleyana” (after Dr. Kalley the first Presbyterian missionary in Brazil). Here’s a link to all local church addresses:

    – China Christian Reformed Church of Wen-Zhou:

    – Free Reformed Churches mission work in Guatemala, including church plants:

  13. Tim Lindsay says:


    This is a great bit of research, brother! Now, are you ready to be patient while I get to all of these? Lots of work ahead! I am most delighted that you have uncovered for us some congregations from Central and South America. I think you are from Brazil? I’ll let you know if I am unable to navigate though the Portuguese-language websites, okay?

  14. De Lange says:

    Here are the congregations of the Gereformeerde Gemeenten in Nederland:

    Chrysantenstraat 1

    Kerkstraat 42

    Burg. Langebeekstraat 16

    Vellerselaan 1

    De Beek-Uddel
    Paleisweg 214

    Westeinde 26

    Brouwerij 3

    Schoolstraat 13

    Neptunuslaan 28

    Hoofdweg 187

    Oude Hof 12

    Tabaksweg 3

    Zaaiwaardweg 9

    Nassaulaan 153

    Gerbrandyweg 12

    Stationsplein 17

    Dorpsstraat 50

    Rijkestraat 8

    Veersedijk 15

    Marnixstraat 1a

    Pr. Bernardstraat 14

    Roodenburgstraat 29

    Louwestraat 16

    Krimpen aan den IJssel
    Vicenza 1

    Stationsweg 2

    Nieuwstraat 83

    Binnenweg 20

    Armeniaans Schuitvlot 22

    Jacob Ekelmansstraat 20

    Nieuwekerk aan den IJssel
    ‘s Gravenweg 71

    Stationsstraat 9

    De Molenhof 5

    Burg. Lodderstraat 43

    F.D. Rooseveltstraat 26

    Kon. Elisabethplantsoen 5

    Esstraat 44

    Holevoetlaan 24

    Sint Annaland
    Tuinstraat 39a

    Sint Maartensdijk
    Westvest 15

    Korte Heistraat 2

    Kerklaantje 1

    Singel 16

    PLanetenbaan 635

    Beatrixstraat 63

    Surinamesingel 103

    Bouwmeesterstraat 43

    Steenweg 54a

    Trekvaart 17

    Kromme Elleboog 12

    In Canada:

    48948 Yale Road


    284799 Pleasant Valley Road

    In the US:

    Prospect Park
    190 Haledon Avenue

    The Church building of the Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland of Pretoria, mentioned in my first message, is actually in Silverton:

    Jasmijnlaan 493

    I hope this is helpful. There is more to come (DV).

  15. Lucas says:

    Hi Tim,

    Inspired by your effort, I have compiled a map of Brazilian churches that sing at least 15 different psalms regularly. You’ll find the link below. In that map, here’s the list of EP churches:

    1. Igreja Presbiteriana da Heranca Reformada, Salvador
    2. Congregacao Puritana Livre,
    3. Igreja Kalleyana em Angra dos Reis
    4. Igreja Kalleyana em Mage
    5. Igreja Kalleyana em Teresopolis

    Number 1 is part of the Presbyterian Church in Brazil (IPB) and the others are originally congregational but are now together in a new federation called the Reformed Puritan Churches in Brazil (IPRB). There are a few more, but I haven’t still managed to make contact.

    As for the other points in the map, the red ones are Reformed Churches in Brazil (IRBs), which are confessional and conservative but the Three Forms don’t require them to sing only the psalms. They sing a version of all psalms plus a few old hymns like the Creed, Holy Holy Holy and the Song of Mary.

    The yellow points are Reformed Baptist churches that are also in a more or less federative arrangement and some of them are making an effort to sing psalms only. But they all sing quite a few psalms.

    So the Presbyterians are the ones left behind so far (green points).

    We’re preparing a psalter in Portuguese to make things easier. And we’re including all genevan tunes because they’re so good 🙂

    I live in Britain btw.


    The link: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=203309330036190716891.00049a9643f6cf3e08ac3&z=4

  16. De Lange says:

    Here are some Dutch congregations of the Gereformeerede Gemeenten, de sister Church of the Netherlands Reformed Churches. As they have many congregations I will do this in parts. Here is letter A:

    Polstraat 4

    Prins Hendrikstraat 13

    Plantageweg 172

    Stationsweg 96a

    Alphen aan den Rijn
    Emmalaan 43

    Waterdaal 1

    Looiersgracht 70-72

    Melkweg 16

    Kerkepad 1-a

    Graaf van Lijndenlaan 9

    Groen van Prinsterstraat 1

    Next time letter B (DV)

  17. De Lange says:

    Continuing the Gereformeerde Gemeenten:

    Ploegwei 1

    Nairacstraat 24

    Ds. E. Fransenlaan 6

    Ruitermolenweg 29

    Dorpstraat 63

    Prinses Beatrixstraat 3

    Dronensingel 2

    Oostsingel 21

    Mendelweg 20

    Flegelstraat 9

    Vriesdongen 1

    Capelle aan den IJssel – Middenwatering
    Merellaan 346

    Capelle aan den IJssel – West
    Doornmanstraat 12

    More to come DV. I am looking forward to see them include on your map.

  18. De Lange says:

    The next lot of the Gerformeerde Gemeenten:
    Oosteinde 175

    De Valk-Wekerom
    Hoge Valkseweg 4

    Den Helder
    Reigersstraat 86

    Graaf Van Burenstraat 18

    Prins Florisstraat 1

    Mozartsingel 2

    Bezelhorstweg 54

    Mauritsweg 286

    De Singel 40

    Verlengde Maanderweg 33

    Plaggenstraat 57

    Nachtegaalweg 11

    Reestdal 25

    Prinsesselaan 6-i

    Van Bleiswijkstraat, hoek Wegje 4

    Weerseloseweg 13

    Dorpstraat 80

    Hanengewei 69

    Taghof 3

    Louise de Colignylaan 177

    Paardenwater 23

    Nieuwe Gouwe Oostzijde 2-b

    Molendijk 84

    Oude Boomgaardstraat 43

    Langeweg 61

    Obrechtlaan 21

    Landsteinerlaan 2

    More is coming DV. Success with this lot.

  19. De Lange says:

    The next lot of the Gereformeerde Gemeenten:
    Ankerweg 10

    Buitendams 118

    Moriaanseweg West 54

    Kerkstraat 10

    Onderlangs 6

    Fred. van Eedenlaan 15

    ‘s-Gravenpoldersestraat 4

    Kruislaan 52

    Coevorderstraatweg 50

    Baarsweg 61

    Poldermolen 1

    2e Ebbingestraat 3

    Veerweg 12

    Goessestraatweg 18

    Katwijk aan Zee
    Remisestraat 15

    Havenweg 9

    Kosterijweg 27

    Torendijk 76

    J.W. Frisostraat 1

    Krimpen aan den IJssel
    Koningin Wilhelminaplein 1

    Hansweertsestraatweg 1

    More to come DV

  20. De Lange says:

    More of the Gereformeerde Gemeenten, DV I will clarify the EP practice of Dutch and continential churches a bit more.
    Prins Mauritsstraat 22

    Achter de Hoven 2-c

    Hoofdstraat 73

    Zuiderwagenplein 12

    Tulpenstraat 35

    Korte Voor 16

    Laan 13

    Valkenburgstraat 25

    Beatrixlaan 2

    Willem Teellinckstraat 3

    Schoutstraat 1

    Chr. de Vrieslaan 40

    Stadhouderslaan 2

    Kerkstraat 14

    Anjerlaan 4

    Nieuw Beijerland
    Middelstraat 13

    Havenweg 26

    Nieuwe Tonge
    Oranjestraat 17

    Nieuwer ter Aa
    Dorpstraat 11

    Molenstraat 16

    Bagijnenstraat 3

    Zuidweg 15

    Brinkersweg 17

    Van Weelstraat 1

    Melkweg 3

    Schoolstraat 29

    St. Joostdijk 11

    Noordweg 34

    Valkenlaan 15

    Reigerstraat 11

    Kerkebuurt 9

    Oud Beijerland
    Jan Lievenstraat 12

    Spaanseweg 13

    Oude Tonge
    Julianastraat 43

    Huningspaed 3

    Dorpsweg 6

    Achterweg 11

    Zuidstraat 15

    Nieuw Weverseinde 1-a

    Achterbergsestraatweg 59-a

    Anjerstraat 2

    Oranjestraat 110

    Molenstalweg 19

    Veeneslagen 107

    Paulus Potterlaan 2-a

    Swaanhilstraat 11

    Romanohof 8-10

    Boezemsingel 30

    Reyerdijk 41

    Langenhorst 104

    Schoolstraat 4

    Prinsenlaan 27

    Nieuwe Laantjes 120

    Sint Annaland
    Weststraat 25

    Sint Philipsland
    Voorstraat 19

    Middeldiepstraat 31

    Dalweg 44

    Willemhoevelaan 4

    Julianalaan 8

    Stad aan ‘t Haringvliet
    Molendijk 33

    Torenstraat 34

    More to come DV

    1. Tim Lindsay says:


      I am not sure at this time, but this website is still young and I hope that it can be the definitive listing on the internet – so that if there are such churches in Germany, we will know.


  21. De Lange says:

    An EP Church in Germany might be http://www.serk-deutschland.de/ , but u am not sure. An German Psalter, (Geneva) can be purchased at http://www.svvhed.org/deutsch/index.php .

    Further with the Gereformeerde Gemeenten:
    Frans Halslaan 1

    Terwolde-De Vecht
    Avervoorseweg 32

    Ds. G.H. Kerstenlaan 2

    Offenbachstraat 105

    Laan van Leeuwenstein 10

    Garderenseweg 29

    De Noord 7

    Bergstraat 54

    Mussentiend 10

    Vijftien Morgen 51

    Westnieuwland 56

    Marnixplein 41

    Havenstraat 3

    Dorpstraat 1

    Van Uvenweg 13

    Sigmondstraat 47

    Rookstraat 1

    J.J. Allanstraat 463

    Vriezenveenseweg 14

    Oudelandseweg 50

    Villa Novastraat 3

    Oude Boogaert 2

    Langestraat 65-67

    Joubertlaan 5

    Zwaardslootseweg 44

    Burg. Jansenlaan 37

    Kromme Mijdrecht 1

    One Gereformeerde Gemeente in Belgium:
    Oude Bareelei 64

    There are all the Gereformeerde Gemeenten. Later DV more about the missions and the other denominations which are not fully EP, but have EP congregations. Here is an Hungarian Church which might be EP, please check beforehand. http://www.reformatus.net/ There could be more Hungarian EP congregations. As there is a big possiblity that I will be moving the Romania, I might be able to say more in a time, God helping me.

  22. De Lange says:

    The missions of the Gereformeerde Gemeenten. I am not sure whether all their missions are EP, so please check at their office: kbgg@cbgg.nl.

    The missions are:
    Indonesia (Jemaat Protestan di Indonesia)
    Guinee (Mission Evangelique Reformee Neerlandaise)
    Albania (Together with the Greek Evangelical Church)
    Ecuador (Mision Holandesa Maranatha)
    Nigeria (Nigerian Reformed Church)

    Every blessing

  23. De Lange says:

    I visited Romania and attended the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Middle and Eastern Europe. http://www.reformatus.net/ This is a small Hungarian (allthough there are also Romanian members) consersative Reformed Church with a Presbyterian stand. The Hungarian established Reformed Church is liberal and episcopal. Although they are very friendly and helpful, they are not fully EP as they have over a hundred hymns besides the Genevan Psalter of Molnar.

    Every blessing.

  24. Tim Lindsay says:

    Thanks so much for this first-hand information. While it is disappointing regarding the Psalms not being sung exclusively, it is a nice thing to hear of this conservative witness in Romania. May the Lord indeed work in Europe.

  25. L. Flikweert says:

    Dear Tim, the following congregations in The Netherlands sing exclusive psalmody:

    Congragation: Members: Location:
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 982 Aagtekerke
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 411 Aalburg
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 230 Aalburg
    Vrije Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente 100 Aalburg
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 42 Aalsmeer
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 196 Aalst
    Hersteld Hervormd 450 Aalst
    Hersteld Hervormd 275 Abbenbroek
    Hersteld Hervormd 355 Achterberg
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 300 Achterberg
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1300 Alblasserdam
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 1293 Alblasserdam
    Hersteld Hervormd 126 Alblasserdam
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 38 Alkmaar
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 443 Alphen aan den Rijn
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 132 Alphen aan den Rijn
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 150 Alphen aan den Rijn
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 196 Ameide
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1497 Amersfoort
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 100 Amersfoort
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 16 Amsterdam C.
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 89 Amsterdam N.
    Hersteld Hervormd 176 Andelst-Zetten
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 68 Andijk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1071 Apeldoorn
    Hersteld Hervormd 309 Apeldoorn
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 416 Arnemuiden
    Hersteld Hervormd 509 Arnemuiden
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 210 Arnhem
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 1155 Barendrecht
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 806 Barendrecht
    Hersteld Hervormd 149 Barendrecht
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 3263 Barneveld
    Hersteld Hervormd 826 Barneveld
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 700 Barneveld
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 2209 Barneveld C.
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1384 Barneveld Z.
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 535 Beekbergen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 727 Benthuizen
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 375 Benthuizen
    Vrije Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente 35 Bergambacht
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 402 Berkenwoude
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 108 Berkenwoude
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 969 Bodegraven
    Oud Gereformeerde Gemeenten buiten verband 30 Bolnes
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 687 Borssele
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 751 Boskoop
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 377 Brakel
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 41 Breda
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 101 Breukelen
    Hersteld Hervormd 195 Breukelen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 691 Bruinisse
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 81 Bunschoten
    Hervormd Lokaal 1000 Capelle aan den IJssel
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 50 Capelle aan den IJssel
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1164 Capelle aan den IJssel (M)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 537 Capelle aan den IJssel (W)
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 531 Damwoude
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 51 Delft
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 179 Den Haag
    Hersteld Hervormd 37 Den Haag
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 30 Den Haag
    Vrije Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente 35 Den Haag
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 220 Den Haag (Scheveningen)
    Hersteld Hervormd 51 Den Haag (Scheveningen)
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 75 Den Haag (Scheveningen)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 167 Den Haag (Scheveningen)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 87 Den Helder
    Hersteld Hervormd 48 Den Helder
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 50 Deventer
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 126 Dinteloord
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland (bv) 100 Dinteloord
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1094 Dirksland
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 683 Doetinchem
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 329 Doornspijk
    Hersteld Hervormd 1852 Doornspijk
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 544 Dordrecht
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1436 Dordrecht
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 134 Dordrecht
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 350 Dordrecht
    Vrije gemeente Calvijn 50 Dordrecht
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 325 Drachten
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 597 Driebergen
    Vrije Hervormde gemeente 200 Driedorp
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 695 Ede
    Hersteld Hervormd 397 Ede
    Vrije Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente 1700 Ede
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 951 Ederveen
    Hersteld Hervormd 184 Ederveen
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 150 Ederveen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 52 Eindhoven
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1003 Elspeet
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 535 Elspeet
    Hersteld Hervormd 1332 Elspeet
    Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente 85 Elspeet
    Protestante Kerk 1250 Elspeet
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 268 Elst
    Hersteld Hervormd 227 Elst
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 140 Elst
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 613 Emmeloord
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 5 Emmen
    Hersteld Hervormd 184 Emst-Epe
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 232 Enkhuizen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 74 Enschede
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 130 Enter
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 668 Ermelo
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 180 Ermelo
    Hersteld Hervormd 578 Gameren
    Hersteld Hervormd 991 Garderen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 392 Geldermalsen
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 900 Geldermalsen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1487 Geldermalsen (Tricht)
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 289 Genemuiden
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 2074 Genemuiden
    Hersteld Hervormd 1324 Genemuiden
    Hersteld Hervormd 642 Goedereede
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1655 Goes
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 226 Goes
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 80 Goes
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 436 Gorinchem
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1535 Gouda
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 892 Gouda (Gerbrandyweg)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 769 Gouda (Stationsplein)
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 100 Gouderak
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 258 Goudswaard
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 51 Goudswaard
    Hersteld Hervormd 132 Graafstroom
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 350 Grafhorst
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 343 Groningen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 183 Groot Ammers
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 134 Haamstede
    Hersteld Hervormd 43 Haarlem
    Hersteld Hervormd 57 Hardegarijp
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 59 Harderwijk
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 50 Harderwijk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1951 Hardinxveld G.
    Hersteld Hervormd 445 Hardinxveld G.
    Hersteld Hervormd 408 Hardinxveld G. (Boven H.)
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 450 Hardinxveld-G.
    Hersteld Hervormd 656 Harskamp
    Protestante Kerk 900 Harskamp
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 81 Hedel
    Hersteld Hervormd 21 Heesbeen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 27 Hellevoetsluis
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 2100 Hendrik Ido Ambacht
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 368 Hendrik Ido Ambacht
    Vrije Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente 325 Hendrik Ido Ambacht
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 145 Herkingen
    Hersteld Hervormd 130 Herkingen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 225 Hilversum
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 159 Hoedekenskerke
    Hersteld Hervormd 252 Hoevelaken
    Hersteld Hervormd 140 Hollandscheveld
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 146 Hoofddorp
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 181 Hoogeveen
    Vrije Hervormde gemeente 50 Hoogeveen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 110 Hoogvliet
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 720 Houten
    Hersteld Hervormd 325 Houten
    Hersteld Hervormd 206 Huizen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 184 IJsselmuiden
    Hersteld Hervormd 767 IJsselmuiden
    Vrije Hervormde gemeente 350 IJsselmuiden
    Hersteld Hervormd 139 IJsselstein
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1596 Kampen
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 200 Kampen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 99 Kamperland
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1462 Kapelle Biezelinge
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 435 Katwijk aan Zee
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 217 Katwijk aan Zee
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 207 Katwijk aan Zee
    Hersteld Hervormd 1866 Katwijk aan Zee
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 282 Kerkwerve
    Hersteld Hervormd 177 Kerkwijk
    Hersteld Hervormd 911 Kesteren
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 700 Kinderdijk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 567 Klaaswaal
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 110 Klundert
    Hersteld Hervormd 43 Kockengen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 2355 Kootwijkerbroek
    Hersteld Hervormd 221 Korendijk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 104 Kortgene
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 2061 Krabbendijke
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1479 Krimpen aan den IJssel
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 294 Krimpen aan den IJssel
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 1900 Krimpen aan den IJssel
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1073 Kruiningen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 491 Kruiningen
    Hersteld Hervormd 264 Kruiningen
    Hersteld Hervormd 953 Leerbroek
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 321 Leerdam
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 461 Leerdam
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 647 Leerdam
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 400 Leerdam
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 325 Leersum
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 42 Leeuwarden
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 520 Leiderdorp
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 255 Lelystad
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 146 Lienden
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 150 Lieren
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1382 Lisse
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 100 Loenen aan de Vecht
    Hersteld Hervormd 322 Loon op Zand
    Hersteld Hervormd 2038 Lunteren
    Hersteld Hervormd 670 Maartensdijk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 82 Marknesse
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 414 Meerkerk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 148 Meeuwen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1071 Meliskerke
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 116 Melissant
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 115 Melissant
    Hersteld Hervormd 399 Melissant
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 71 Middelburg
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1554 Middelburg (centrum)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 953 Middelburg (zuid)
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 649 Middelharnis
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 683 Middelharnis
    Hersteld Hervormd 1006 Middelharnis
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 93 Mijdrecht
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1368 Moerkapelle
    Hersteld Hervormd 131 Moerkapelle
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 75 Monster
    Hersteld Hervormd 381 Monster
    Hersteld Hervormd 692 Montfoort
    Protestante Kerk 975 Montfoort
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 153 Naaldwijk
    Hersteld Hervormd 949 Nederhemert
    Hersteld Hervormd 42 Nederlangbroek
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 275 Nederlangbroek
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 798 Nieuw Beijerland
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 125 Nieuw Beijerland
    Hersteld Hervormd 533 Nieuw Lekkerland
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 220 Nieuwaal
    Hersteld Hervormd 210 Nieuwaal
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 342 Nieuwdorp
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 200 Nieuwe Tonge
    Hersteld Hervormd 338 Nieuwe Tonge
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 113 Nieuwer ter Aa
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 498 Nieuwerkerk (Z)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 162 Nieuwerkerk (Z)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 176 Nieuwerkerk a/d Ijssel
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 156 Nieuwkoop
    Hersteld Hervormd 1104 Nieuwleusen
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 334 Nieuwpoort
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 292 Nijkerk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 340 Nijkerk
    Hersteld Hervormd 339 Nijkerk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 63 Nisse
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 507 Noordeloos
    Hersteld Hervormd 169 Numansdorp
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 50 Numansdorp
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 2288 Nunspeet
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 548 Ochten
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 200 Ochten
    Hersteld Hervormd 335 Oldebroek
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 70 Oldebroek
    Vrije Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente 766 Oldebroek
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 237 Ooltgensplaat
    Hersteld Hervormd 60 Ooltgensplaat
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 106 Oostburg
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 100 Oostburg
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 59 Oosterend
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 323 Oosterland
    Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente 500 Oosterland
    Hersteld Hervormd 90 Oosterwijk
    Hersteld Hervormd 484 Oosterwolde
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 671 Oostkapelle
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 44 Oostvoorne
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1843 Opheusden
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 3258 Opheusden
    Hersteld Hervormd 2048 Opheusden
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 80 Opperdoes
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 891 Oud Beijerland
    Hersteld Hervormd 729 Oud Beijerland
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 120 Oud Beijerland
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 164 Oud Vossemeer
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 213 Ouddorp
    Hersteld Hervormd 2494 Ouddorp
    Protestante Kerk 511 Ouddorp
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 87 Oude Tonge
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 217 Oudemirdum
    Hersteld Hervormd 1022 Ouderkerk aan de IJssel
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 286 Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 125 Overberg
    Hersteld Hervormd 230 Papendrecht
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 97 Poederoijen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 308 Poederoijen
    Hersteld Hervormd 241 Poederoijen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 194 Poortugaal
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 129 Poortvliet
    Hersteld Hervormd 359 Poortvliet
    Hersteld Hervormd 1136 Putten
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 283 Puttershoek
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 977 Rhenen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 430 Rhenen
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 125 Rhenen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1417 Ridderkerk
    Hersteld Hervormd 620 Ridderkerk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 544 Ridderkerk (Slikkerveer)
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 51 Rijnsaterwoude
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 377 Rijssen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland (bv) 190 Rijssen
    Hersteld Hervormd 657 Rijssen
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 400 Rijssen
    Vrije Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente 350 Rijssen (Bevervoorde)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 2391 Rijssen (noord)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1417 Rijssen (west)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 2754 Rijssen (zuid)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 276 Rilland Bath
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 378 Rotterdam (Alexander)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 157 Rotterdam (Centrum)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 229 Rotterdam (Ijsselmonde)
    Hersteld Hervormd 193 Rotterdam (Kralingseveer)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 250 Rotterdam (Zuidwijk)
    Hersteld Hervormd 290 Rouveen
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 425 Rouveen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 229 s Gravendeel
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 175 s Gravendeel
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1909 s Gravenpolder
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 246 s Gravenpolder
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 282 s Gravenzande
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 685 Scherpenisse
    Protestante Kerk 500 Scherpenisse
    Vrije Hervormde gemeente 130 Scherpenisse
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1825 Scherpenzeel
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 334 Scherpenzeel
    Hersteld Hervormd 190 Scherpenzeel
    Hersteld Hervormd 40 Schiedam
    Hersteld Hervormd 102 Schiedam (plantagekerk)
    Hersteld Hervormd 421 Schoonrewoerd
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 329 Sint Annaland
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 222 Sint Annaland
    Hersteld Hervormd 445 Sint Annaland
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 123 Sint Maartensdijk
    Hersteld Hervormd 981 Sint Maartensdijk
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 100 Sint Maartensdijk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 107 Sint Philipsland
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 1050 Sint Philipsland
    Oud Gereformeerde Gemeenten buiten verband 200 Sint Philipsland
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 136 Sint-Jansklooster
    Hersteld Hervormd 310 Sirjansland
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 175 Sliedrecht
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 1905 Sliedrecht (Bethel)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 172 Soest
    Hersteld Hervormd 495 Soest
    Hersteld Hervormd 386 Spijk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 156 Spijkenisse
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 143 Sprang Capelle
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 47 Sprang Capelle
    Hersteld Hervormd 432 Sprang Capelle
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 43 Stad aan ‘t Haringvliet
    Hersteld Hervormd 5049 Staphorst
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 850 Stavenisse
    Hersteld Hervormd 779 Stellendam
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 437 Stolwijk
    Hersteld Hervormd 154 Stolwijk
    Hersteld Hervormd 101 Ter Aar
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 461 Terneuzen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 842 Terneuzen
    Hersteld Hervormd 18 Terneuzen
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 350 Terneuzen
    Vrije Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente 120 Terneuzen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 709 Terwolde De Vecht
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 134 Tholen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1140 Tholen
    Hersteld Hervormd 193 Tholen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 18 Tilburg
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 530 Uddel
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 1103 Uddel (De Beek)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 586 Urk
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 469 Urk
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 1300 Urk
    Vrije Gereformeerde Gemeente 100 Urk
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 1544 Urk (Eben Haezer)
    Hersteld Hervormd 294 Urk (Elim)
    Hersteld Hervormd 552 Urk (Moria)
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 451 Utrecht
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 100 Utrecht
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 135 Utrecht – De Bilt
    Hersteld Hervormd 57 Utrecht – Blauwkapel
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 620 Veen
    Hersteld Hervormd 261 Veen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 2089 Veenendaal
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 931 Veenendaal
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland (bv) 800 Veenendaal
    Hersteld Hervormd 1008 Veenendaal
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 116 Vianen
    Hersteld Hervormd 117 Vianen
    Protestante Kerk 593 Vinkeveen
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 269 Vlaardingen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 464 Vlaardingen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 175 Vlaardingen
    Hersteld Hervormd 47 Vledderveen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 675 Vlissingen
    Hersteld Hervormd 128 Voorburg
    Hersteld Hervormd 36 Voorschoten
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 478 Vriezenveen
    Hersteld Hervormd 452 Vriezenveen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 760 Waarde
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 581 Waardenburg
    Gereformeerde Gemeente in Nederland 302 Waardenburg
    Hersteld Hervormd 269 Waardenburg-Haaften
    Hersteld Hervormd 597 Waarder
    Protestante Kerk 803 Waarder
    Hersteld Hervormd 299 Waddinxveen
    Hersteld Hervormd 102 Waddinxveen
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 200 Waddinxveen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 804 Wageningen
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1634 Wekerom
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 500 Wekerom
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 588 Werkendam
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1726 Werkendam
    Hersteld Hervormd 231 Werkendam
    Vrije Hervormde gemeente 30 Werkendam
    Hersteld Hervormd 78 Westerhaar
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 262 Westkapelle
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 99 Westzaan
    Hersteld Hervormd 201 Wezep-Wapenveld
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 73 Wierden
    Hersteld Hervormd 677 Wijk bij Heusden
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1072 Woerden
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 246 Wolphaartsdijk
    Hersteld Hervormd 710 Woudenberg
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 375 Woudenberg
    Protestante Kerk 1976 Woudenberg
    Hersteld Hervormd 269 Wouterswoude
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 2307 Yerseke
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 239 Zaamslag
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 58 Zaandam
    Hersteld Hervormd 20 Zaltbommel
    Christelijk gereformeerde gemeente 311 Zeist
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 896 Zeist
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 150 Zierikzee
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 416 Zoetermeer
    Oud Gereformeerde gemeente 80 Zoetermeer
    Hersteld Hervormd 298 Zuilichem
    Hersteld Hervormd 319 Zwartebroek-Terschuur
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 1139 Zwijndrecht
    Gereformeerde Gemeente 205 Zwolle

  26. Tim Lindsay says:

    Thanks very much for this info. I may be slow in getting to this because of my dissertation work (not theology), but at least your listings will be seen by the world. I will try to get them on the maps when I can. Blessings.

  27. John says:

    For your information, the PRC America do not all practise EP. However, the CPRC (also called the CPRF. F=fellowship), which is the Northern Ireland branch of the PRC, do practise EP. You can find a thorough defence of EP on the CPRC website, called “Why Psalms Only” (see http://www.cprf.co.uk/articles/whypsalmsonly.htm). Also, just for your interest, Angus Stewart of the CPRC has debated against a non-EP spokesman, and did very well in my opinion (find the debate here: http://www.youtube.com/videolineup#p/c/50F56809B5E4A63F/0/QkipWUu7Nzw). Some of the PRCA assemblies do practise EP, but others do not. Confusingly, some of the PRCA churches believe that they practice EP (and therefore claim that this is their practise), when in fact they are singing paraphrases of the psalms, which, as you may know, can be very different to the psalms themselves. But other PRCA churches sing non-Psalms completely. Their denomination are clearly divided on the issue.

    1. Tim Lindsay says:

      John, I think you are quite correct. I am aware that there are congregations and denominations that claim to practice exclusive psalmody, yet in fact do not. I wish to encourage and promote when this is due, but I will also do my best to explicitly describe the practice of congregations where they evidently depart from the traditional (British) understanding of EP, that is, singing only faithful translations of the original Hebrew language 150 Psalms of the Bible. I have seen the links you provided and I hope my readers will take note of these excellent resources. Blessings to you!

    1. Tim Lindsay says:

      Thanks for your message, Neil. The Australian Free Church is already on the list and is represented on the Australia/NZ/Oceania map, as well as on its denominational map. Please let me know if there is something I am overlooking that prevented you from finding it.


      1. Neil van der Wel says:

        After you responded I was able to find the Australian Free Church. Thanks.
        I would like to add too, that my family are members of a preaching station of the Australian Free Church located just outside Stawell, Victoria. We meet at Deep Lead community hall, just outside the town. We sing unaccompanied from the 1650 Scottish Psalter.

        Neil van der Wel

  28. Chong Ming Ying says:

    Dear Mr Lindsay,

    Most (I could not quantify as all since i do not know) of the Dutch Reformed Church (in America) that are supposedly EP usually uses the English version of the Dutch “Psalter” published by Eerdmans which is actually paraphrase (or as the Dutch would say, versification) of the psalms. They are also allow by the Church Order drawn up in the National Synod of (held in 1618 and 1619) and accepted as a concord of ecclesiastic community by the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands, under Second Head – Of the Ecclesiastical Assemblies, Article 69:

    “In the Churches only the 150 Psalms of David, the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Twelve Articles of Faith, the Song of Mary, that of Zacharias, and that of Simon shall be sung. It is left to the individual Churches whether or not to use the hymn “Oh God! who art our Father.” All other hymns are to be excluded from the Churches, and in those places where some have already been introduced they are to be removed by the most suitable means.”

    Some Dutch reformed Church like the PRCA will also sing “Praise God from whom all blessing flows” as the doxology. As far as i know the PRCA, their Church order differ slightly from the Church order set by the Synod of Dort: “In the churches only the 150 Psalms of David, the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Twelve Articles of Faith, the Songs of Mary, Zacharias, and Simeon, the Morning and Evening Hymns, and the Hymn of Prayer before the sermon shall be sung.”)

    Hope that gives you some extra information on Psalms singing in the Dutch Reformed Churches.

    Yours in Christ,
    (Sis) Ming
    from Singapore

    1. Tim Lindsay says:

      Thanks very much for this information. It’s helpful to know how this fits in with the resolutions of the synods. But, now, regarding paraphrases, this gives me an additional aspect to consider in how I indicate the practice in each denomination or congregation.

      Blessings to you!

  29. Joshua says:

    Thanks for the great (and painstaking) work you have been doing on this.
    I believe you may be able to add the following ARP church to your list:

    Hopewell ARP Church
    1391 Hopewell Church Road
    Blackstock, SC 29014

    The church does not have a website, but it identified itself as an Exclusive Psalmody church in the Bicentennial History of the ARP Synod published in 2003 (p. 449). I am unaware of any reason for this position to have changed since then.

    I am a member of a church in the Florida Presbytery and know of no Exclusive Psalmody congregations amongst the ARP churches in this state. I have had only limited success locating some of the other Exclusive Psalmody churches in our Synod. Someone said that Bethany Church, in York, South Carolina, upholds Exclusive Psalmody, but I have been unable to confirm that for sure. Additionally, the Exclusive Psalmody Bethel Church, Oak Hill, AL is in a yoked charge (several congregations and sessions sharing a single pastor) with the Camden and Prosperity (Marion Junction), AL churches, and they may hold similar convictions, but I have not heard anything to that effect.

    A little background on the history of the Praise Overture may also be helpful. The ruling of 1946 was one of the most controversial in denominational history, passing by a margin of 10 votes. Some churches introduced hymns immediately, but a large number seem to have held on until the late 60s and the mid 70s. Catawba (northern South Carolina), Tennessee/Alabama, and Mississippi Valley Presbyteries voted against it, Tennessee/Alabama and Mississippi Valley by a wide margin. In Virginia, the vote was almost even, with 9 in favor and 7 against. In light of that, it would see most likely that our churches supporting Exclusive Psalmody ware to be found among the conservative, rural churches of Catawba, Tennessee/Alabama, and Mississippi Valley Presbyteries. (This would seem to correspond with Rev. Ray King’s comments about “congregations that use the Psalms exclusively in worship” [Bicentennial History, p. 569] and with what I heard from a former moderator about churches “in the Carolinas” where he was greeted by the elders with the declaration that, “we sing the ‘Sams’ [exclusively] in this church.”)

    Hope that helps some as you try to get together a comprehensive list of Psalmsinging churches. Maybe the publication of the new Psalmbook, in cooperation with the RPCNA and Crown and Covenant, may help the practice of Psalmody to become more widespread within the ARP again, especially within newly organized congregations. One can only hope!

    1. Tim Lindsay says:

      Thanks for the information, brother. I am a member of the only Canadian ARP church that practices EP (Halifax, Nova Scotia), so, your information on the ARP is very much appreciated. You will see that I already have the Oak Hill, AL congregation listed, but thanks for the other leads. You probably know that the ARP used to be EP denomination-wide. Such a change over the last many years! I’ll get to adding to the listings as soon as I can.


  30. Chong Ming Ying says:

    Dear Mr Linday,

    Here is a link to the PRCA’s website which has their Psalter in electronic form:

    (Fyi, I am from Pilgrim Covenant Church, in Singapore. We are EP, and sing without instrument accompaniment. We use the Scottish Metrical Psalter. )

    As for the Chinese Churches, there really isn’t a proper psalter for them to use to date. The Reformed Church in Wenzhou actually force fit the Psalms from the Chinese Union Bible into tunes, hence “psalter”. There is a gentleman by the name of Maarten from the Netherlands who is working on the Chinese version of the Dutch Psalter (as published by Eerdmans). It is scheduled for print by within these few months.

    Mr Han Mengguang from Singapore, has worked on a Chinese version of the Scottish Psalter, based on the KJV translation. The Church he belongs uses it but could not endorse it due to Mr Han’s stand on KJV-onlyism which he publicly endorse in the preface of his psalter. Mr Han’s work is his individual effort.

    Sola Dei Gratia Media (http://gdsmedia.org/) is working a Chinese metrical version of the Psalter (group effort). It is not a translation of the Scottish Psalter, but follow quite closely the Scottish Psalter’s meter. They are hoping to have it ready for publish in 2013 in the format of the Comprehensive Psalter (as published by Blue Banner), rather than the Scottish split-leaf version.

    There is a group who is working on a Chinese version of the RPCNA Psalter. I don’t have much info on this and not sure when it will be ready.

    As to which Chinese Churches are EP, really, perhaps no one actually knows enough about the churches in China to comment. Neither is it prudent to openly. 🙂

    If you like to know more about any of the above, feel free to email me.

  31. Joshua says:

    Greetings, Mr. Lindsay,
    I was reading the ARP magazine for November and came across this piece of information buried in a short article celebrating the 189th anniversary of the Prosperity, AL congregation back in September. According to an aside comment on page 18, the Prosperity congregation confines its praise exclusively to the same Psalmbook that is used in the Bethel, AL church. I had speculated that might have been the case, but I wasn’t sure until today. The address for the church is given as follows at http://www.arpsynod.org/findachurch.htm and in the Minutes of the Synod:

    Prosperity ARP Church
    Church Street
    Marion Junction, AL 36759

    I’m sorry I couldn’t include that information in my first post, but like I said, I just found out for sure this afternoon. It’s always encouraging to read of churches in our Synod that are still “holding the line” with others around the world. Thanks again, and God bless!

  32. Tim Lindsay says:

    Brother, thanks very much for your research. I appreciate your in-depth information, as it is something I wouldn’t have known how to discover. I’ll try to get this congregation listed soon, okay? Yes, it is great to hear of churches that hold to this Biblical worship principle in the midst of a vast majority who do not. Blessings.

  33. Michael Lohrer says:

    Psalm singing in Germany

    In Germany we don’t have any church with exclusive psalmsinging.
    We have a Evangelical- reformed Church wit nearly 180 000 Members. They use the Protestant Hymnbook
    (Evangelisches Gesangbuch) with the complete Genevan Psalter.
    The same book is used in the Old Reformed Church with nearly 9 000 Members.
    Some Reformed churches of Huguenot origin in different parts of Germany use the same book.
    Five years ago we brought out the complete Psalmbook with the text of Matthias Jorissen (1793).
    This book was supported by a dutch society.
    The Reformed Church of Vienna in Austria brought out a complete Jorissen – Psater two years ago.
    This is used in some Austrian reformed congregations. The complete Genevan Psalter in the Church of the Moravian Brethren in Tschechie, the Hungarian Reformed Churches and some Waldensian Congregations in Italy and
    italian speaking reformed churches in Switzerland. A new Genevan Psalter in the Japanese language was brought out some years ago. I work about this list. Best greetings!

    1. Maria says:

      Hi, hello i am looking a churches in Sliedrecht, Amsterdam, Nethertherlands non-denominational churches if someone out there can help me…i have searches in google but i find not one…please let me know if you can help where in sliedrecht have such churches that i’m looking for.

      Thank you for your assistance.
      Best greetings….

      1. Tim Lindsay says:

        Dear Maria,

        Thanks very much for your question. Sorry for not replying sooner. I am not very familiar with the Netherlands churches, especially non-denominational ones. However, there are Dutch readers of my website. Perhaps some of them might be of assistance.

        Can you be more specific of what sort of church you are seeking? The term “non-denominational” does not tell us much about the church, other than that it is independent. Are you NOT looking for congregations that are part of the various Dutch Reformed denominations? Please tell us more so that we can help you.



  34. Michael Lohrer says:

    Dear Maria,
    in Sliedrecht there are some congregations with exclusive psalmody. They use the Psalter 1773 / Statenberijming.
    1. Hervormde Gemeente /Reformed Church 1 000 M 2 services
    2. Christelijk Gereformeerde Kerk /Christian Reformed Church Beth-El 1800 M 2 services
    3. Gereformeerde Gemeente / Reformed Congregation 600 M 2 services
    4. Hersteld Hervormde Kerk /Reformed Church 430 M 2 services
    5. Oud Gereformeerde Gemeente /Old Reformed Congregation 2 services
    There are some other reformed churches using the Psalter & Hymns.
    Beside this there are some evangelical / pentecostal churches.
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Stan Copeland says:

      I just discovered this info about EP churches, and am interested. My wife and I (EPs) leave Germany in two weeks after four years here. We have never heard of any Psalm-singing churches anywhere in Germany, more’s the pity. We live in Bavaria near the Czech border. Where are you?

      1. Tim Lindsay says:

        Thanks for your message, Mr. Copeland. If you are looking for information on the theology and practice of exclusive psalmody, http://www.exclusivepsalmody.com is a great resource. I am also unaware of any EP churches in Germany. I am a member of a congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, located in the state of Michigan, USA.

  35. De Lange says:

    Hello! Does anybody know where I can find the Anglo-Genevan Psalter of 1564. I would be interesting to have and a help for Brittishmen on this side of the North See.
    Christian Regards

    1. Michael Lohrer says:

      Dear Mr. De Lange,
      greetings from North Germany first.
      Where did you find informations about the Anglo – Genevan Psalter of 1564? Is there any source?
      I found something about three “Anglo- Genevan Psalters” up to 1560 – two years before the “Origininal” appeared. This are three not complete Psalmbooks. Some Genevan tunes are found in Sternhold’s Whole Book of Psalms.
      I found a tip to a copy of the Anglo – Genevan Psalter of 1561 in St. Paul’s Cathredal Library in the book about the “Taylor Collection of Psalmbooks” in Aberdeen. (1921).
      The Canadian Reformed Churches use a complete Psalter Book of Praise http://www.bookofpraise.ca
      I look out for other informations


    1. Michael Lohrer says:

      Dear Mr. De Lange,
      thank you very much for the information about the Anglo- Genevan Psalter. This is very informative for me.

      Greetings from Luebeck

      Michael Lohrer

  36. Jacob says:

    Dear webmaster,

    The Free Reformed Churches of North America use the current edition of the 1927 Psalter (Eerdmans) that was referred to by Chong Ming Ying above.. I did not see that name on your list of denominations. http://www.frcna.org
    Jacob de Raadt, Langley, B.C. Canada.

  37. kim lapiz says:

    greetings from the Philippines, we are an exclusive psalmody church,
    our church is newly organized, but we are glad and with great joy
    sings the scottish metre psalmody. We are Jireh Reformed Congregational Church,
    from Cagayan de pro city, Philippines.

    1. Tim Lindsay says:

      Great to hear of this news about the Philippines. I am most glad to be able to add this country to my maps for the first time. Blessings.

  38. Graeme Hart says:

    G’day Tim from Down Under!

    I discovered your website today and am very encouraged by the presence of so many churches/denominations around God’s world that unashamedly love singing his songs in it’s various formats! I must confess, the more I sing them, the more I love them! Recently our Presbytery (Reformed Presbyterian Church of Australia) decided it would use the newly released Book of Psalms for Worship published by Crown and Covenant as the replacement for the Book of Psalms for Singing we currently use. Each congregation is phasing in it’s use as each session deems pastorally appropriate.
    That aside, I want to provide an updated website link to the church at which I pastor. The website of the McKinnon Reformed Presbyterian Church (in the Australia, New Zealand, & Oceania region of your maps) is now http://www.mckinnonrp.org.au. We are a work of revitalisation and are seeking to bring a faithful reformed witness to the community in which God has placed us to the glory of King Jesus!

    Blessings in our Saviour’s name,
    Graeme Hart

  39. Projeto Veredas Antigas says:

    May the blessing of the Lord will continue with you brother Tim, guiding this thy ministry as blesser for Christians around our planet. (Google translation)

  40. Ezrah says:

    Hi, I’m a member of Evangelical Christian Church in Papua (Gereja Kristen Injili di Tanah Papua) is a reformed tradition church in west papua – indonesia, a continuing work by Dutch reformed missionary UZV (Utrechtse Zendings Vereniging). We sing psalms (Genevan psalter) and hymns but Psalms is the the bigger portion to sing by the congregation. It’s an official decision of our general synod written on GKI’s Book of order. Actually, most of churches in Indonesia holding reformed traditions, but they didn’t use psalm anymore. But there is an ecumenical Hymn book called ‘Kidung Jemaat’ , some of the that hymns taken by genevan psalter.

    1. Tim Lindsay says:

      Great to receive your message, Ezrah. Thanks for the information you have provided about your congregation and denomination. It sounds like your church would not be listed on this website, but it is useful to know that you do include the Psalms in your order of worship (perhaps later I can make a section for churches that have a complete Psalmody + other hymns). Hopefully this will be useful information for those interested in the churches in Indonesia. Blessings to you!

      1. Ezrah says:

        Yes tim, I’m so glad to know that, not only our congregation sing psalms, but there are many chuches still stands proudly with psalm. But the serious problem in our church is most of youth member dislike to sing psalms, it’s too old fashioned,they argued. Now I’m in jakarta, and just for share that Indonesia Christian Church (Gereja Kristen Indonesia) a reformed church also use Psalms (Mazmur) available on Indonesian Language but with new melody and arrangement. Here’s the link of the psalms http://www.juswantori.com/ . Greetings from Indonesia!

  41. Michael Lohrer says:

    Dear Stan, greetings from Luebeck first. Perhaps we can get contact about psalmsinging in Germany.
    I*m interested about any contacts about pslam singing churches.
    You can write to me: luebeckxvg-sh.de x for @


    1. Tim Lindsay says:

      Sean – thanks for this reminder. I am a bit behind, but hope to ensure that my RPCNA listings are complete soon. It is my own denomination after all! 🙂 God bless you.

  42. Sarah Poulin says:

    Hi Tim, I just wanted to let you know that I was on the Grace Covenant Church (Sheffield, ON) website one Sunday to watch the live service, and saw that they also sing hymns during the service. Perhaps they sang Psalms exclusively at some point, but are no longer doing so.

    Also, i wanted to let you know of three congregations in the Niagara(ish) area that are exclusive psalmody churches. They do not sing a capella though (they have an organ or piano for accompaniment). The three churches are as follows:

    Zion Free Reformed Church, Fenwick, ON: http://frcna.org/congregations/item/22-fenwick-frc
    Vineland Free Reformed Church, Vineland, ON: http://www.vinelandfrc.org/
    Heritage Reformed Congregation, Jordan, ON: http://www.hrcj.org/

    I know that Zion and Vineland sing from the 1912 Psalter. I think Heritage does too, but I can’t remember for sure which one. They definitely don’t sing from the maroon or blue psalters.

    Would you be able to add those three churches to the North America map?

    1. Tim Lindsay says:

      Thanks Sarah. I’ll try to make the changes as soon as I can, but I must admit that I am very much behind on this website. Google Maps needs to be overhauled because of some recent changes. I’ll do my best. 🙂

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