Focus on…psalters

3 responses to “Focus on…psalters

  1. First EVER complete Spanish Psalter metered to the Genevan Tunes may be purchased here:

  2. A minister of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) and native of Sri Lanka, who is there now, is working to set the Psalter to be sung in Tamil, their native language. Pray for this great undertaking to be completed for the benefit of the Tamil Church!

    More info here:

  3. Michael Lohrer

    Chinese Psalter
    I received The Chinese Psalter last week. A book with many versions and tunes for metrical psalms. I’s a very nice and black book and came out this year 2012. It contains the Westminster Confession / Heidelberg Catechism and some other Doctrinal Statements. A CD Sing a new song to Jehovah ist enclosed.
    Das anybody know who gave out this psalter for which church?

    With best wishes

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