To all the saints across the globe — thank-you for visiting this site.  I am Tim Lindsay, a member of Southfield Reformed Presbyterian Church in Southfield, Michigan, USA.  We are a congregation that practices exclusive psalmody (EP).  I subscribe to the Westminster Standards and directories for Public Worship and Private Worship, believing that these are faithful to the Bible.

The goal of this site is to provide a comprehensive listing of all congregations in the world that practice EP.  I believe the bible prescribes nothing but the 150 Psalms for the worship of God in song.  Sadly, today this is a minority practice, even among reformed churches.

My goal for this site is threefold:

1) To highlight and promote those denominations and congregations that maintain the true biblical worship.

2) To provide a comprehensive listing for those who are traveling or who are considering relocation.

3) To foster fellowship and support among like-minded individuals, congregations, and denominations, especially for those who come from denominations where EP is not a prevalent practice, and those who are geographically isolated.

Private feedback can be sent to .  I look forward to hearing from you!