Portland Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship

The city of Portland, Oregon has a Psalm-singing church.  Currently meeting in the Beaverton area, Portland Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship is the only EP church presently in Oregon and one of just two in the Pacific NW.  Please pray that the Lord would grow this congregation.


3 thoughts on “Portland Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship

  1. Very happy and encouraged to see this posted on your website! My family and two other families have been involved with this work since it began in July 2013. We would love to have others who would be blessed by Psalm singing and Reformed teaching and preaching join us. We normally meet for worship on the first Lord’s Day of each month from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the SW Community Center, 6820 SW 45th Ave., Portland, OR 97219. We will not have worship in April 2014, however we will be worshipping on Mar. 30. Portland RP Fellowship is a church plant of the Seattle Reformed Presbyterian Church. Please feel free to contact me for further information at 503-363-8775 or tdeibert@comcast.net.
    Tom Deibert

  2. For the information of readers, the Portland Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship, which was a church plant of the Seattle Reformed Presbyterian Church initiated in Portland, OR in July 2013, was officially closed by the Seattle Session in October 2014 and is no longer in operation.

    Tom Deibert
    Member of Seattle RPC

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